Risk management course (RTK)

Risk management course (RTK)

  • Virtual theory lessons that you can attend when it suits your schedule
  • 4 driving lessons with your driving coach:
    • Slippery driving
    • Night driving
    • 2 driving lesson topics chosen by you: test driving school exam before the real one, risk analysis, anticipation & economy driving. Or if there is something else that troubles your mind where we could help you?


You can choose whether you want to drive slippery and night driving with simulator or real car. With a car Slippery track driving fee starts from 50€ (in Helsinki area the prices are from 60€ to 90€). 

Driving lesson begins from the pit stops in center of Mikkeli, Tikkurila, Leppävaara or Tapiola.

If you are learning to drive with a teaching license, for 65€ we provide you a possibility to use virtual-learning environment with theory exam trainings and safety course combined.

For course package and extra services you can choose monthly payment. Ask for more payment options!

Risk management course price


+ slippery track fee


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