Passenger car, course 2

Passenger car, course 2

  • Safety training course
    • 4 virtual theory lessons
  • Driving training 
    • 2 simulator driving lessons
    • 8 passenger car driving lessons
    • Pre-examination training by passenger car
  • Risk management course
    • 4 virtual theory lessons
    • 2 passenger car driving lessons
    • 2 simulator driving lessons


Additionally of course driving school provides extranet, electronic learning environment, online-text book, online theory exam training, use of car in first driving exam, personal teacher and good service.

Driving lessons will start from our Pit stops, which are located near by college in Mikkeli and public transportation stations in Tikkurila, Leppävaara and Tapiola.

Course fees are possible to pay by monthly financing, where we can add other official fees and possible extraservices.

Ask more of the financing options!


Passenger car course 2


In addition Examination fees to Ajovarma all together 165€

Possible additional driving lessons 79€/ driving lesson, simulator driving without the teacher 59€/simulator lesson, additional online theory lessons 10€/theory lesson.